When We Were Us - J. S. Cooper

When We Were Us

By J. S. Cooper

  • Release Date: 2020-11-24
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4
From 43 Ratings


He says I owe him a debt. And he's come to collect what he's owed

When you're young, anything is possible.

Love is pure magic and time seems to stand still.

I remember those days like I remember seeing my first rainbow.

When the sky was bleak, he painted it full of color.

We came from different worlds.

We had no business ever interacting.

He was the wolf with glowing eyes and a cocky grin.

I was the innocent sheep that he wanted to eat up.

I knew he was trouble, but then he went and saved my life.

I was in the wrong place at the right time.

Or so I thought.

I didn't realize that he was the leader of the pack.

He saved me from himself.

Only young love never lasts. Sometimes you grow up and move on.

That's what I did.

But now he's back. Meaner. Stronger. Full of darkness instead of light.

This time he's not here to save me. This time he's here to make me pay.


  • Second Chance Mafia Romance

    By Family player
    This is the third book in this series following the three young ladies. We have watched as Charlotte and Max found love and then Matteo and Emily, so now in this mafia romance it will be a chance to see if Anabel and Luca can overcome their past and find a second chance at love. The story starts looking at how their love story started 8 years ago. A whirlwind of young love. They both thought fate had brought them together and it was a forever love. Their relationship then ended suddenly not long after they were together and without a lot of explanation leaving both of them broken-hearted. As the years passed there was so much pain and unresolved questions from the past. Until a chance meeting, or was it chance? The heat and fire that Luca and Anabel had from the moment they met has never stopped and no matter how hard they fight it, to pretend it is hate or anger it is there. It is pure passion. The action is just really getting started because everyone has a past that catches up with them and Luca’s and Anabel’s is about to catch up with them. Someone wants something from Luca and to get it they will take the one thing they know he cares about even if he doesn’t want it admit it. Will Anabel come to trust Luca? Will Luca be able to admit his feelings for Anabel and together they choose each other? This book was one of the best written in the series and it has great action and character development. It keeps you wanting to read to get all the way to the end to see what unexpected turn is going to happen next. While I could say so much more about what happened in the story you have to read to see the excitement for yourself. I can’t wait for another great book from J S Cooper. I received an advance copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review
  • Some loves never fade.

    By Calmingenergy
    This is by far my favorite book by J.S. Cooper! I love a good, bad guy good girl love combo and then she brought in some mafia action! This book was wonderful! You will be falling in love with these two as they rekindle their love! So, grab a seat and a glass of wine because you won’t want to put this book down!
  • Great mafia read

    By Okdobie
    It was a fantastic book that I couldn’t put down. Talk about a love story that keeps you on your toes. Annabel loved Luca but thought he was the bad guy. Luca loved Annabel but wanted revenge. It is a book about betrayal and love. It draws you in and doesn’t let go! This book is awesome!
  • Love my Alpha Boyfriends

    By hidoo12
    This is the third book in the Alpha Boyfriends series. In books 1 and 2 Anabel skirted around the fact that she had a tragic first love and at the end of About Last Night she wound up face to face with her past after a brief run in with Luca. When We Were Us is time for Anabel and Luca’s story to be told. Luca is out for revenge because he thought that Anabel left him and immediately turned the mafia boss into the feds. While my favorite book in the series was the first one, The Billionaire’s Fake Fiancée because of the humor and fun dialogue between all of the characters, I enjoyed it more than About Last Night. Luca is the right amount of Alpha Boyfriend and Anabel is no shrinking violet. All in all, another solid book by JS Cooper
  • Great second chance mafia romance

    By Avidreader8769
    If she thought she was getting away from a mafia boss she had another thing coming. Their chemistry is off the hook. Good to see after all she went through she would get her HEA. Quite tge twost about her brother. Great story.
  • Second Changes can work out.

    By alrak91
    I received an advanced copy and l volunteered to leave an honest review. Anabel finally gets her book. We meet up with Emily and Charlotte in this third installment. Anabel and Luca have instant attraction and great chemistry. The beginning is amazing. You get the background story, the how and when. I enjoyed the different POVs from both of them as well. I liked Anabel since Emily’s book so it was nice to hear you talk now. This was a nice twist from enemies to lovers and also a second chance romance. It had its mafia references and some “dark” content, but nothing too extreme. It was an easy read and a nice way to tie all three girls together. I really liked the integration of Matteo to the mix. Overall, it was a slow burn but sill captivating. You do have some laughs but few and far between. No major plot line flaws or inconsistencies.
  • Screaming out loud good!

    By KCLong07
    Who doesn’t love the mafia. It’s one that you shouldn’t love but dang it we all love excitement in our lives. Well this book is just drop dead great. It’s dark, hot, freakin roller coaster good. Luca just sounds so dreamy. Annabel is so sweet and innocent. Annabel’s life flips upside down when she finds out what Luce does. She can run but can’t hide. This book is hands down JS Cooper’s best book she has ever written!
  • Love or hate

    By heatherm1123
    JS Cooper did an awesome job with her first mafia book. Luca and Annabel love to hate and hate to love each other. Luca sets out to get revenge for a wrong she did but he gets more then he bargained for. Can’t wait for more of this style for Cooper. Awesome writing
  • Mafia romance

    By Mmglady
    Annabel trys to find a way to move on from her first love. Luca has other things in mine though. He is trying to make her pay for the pain she caused him. These two lovers are reunited again to get out of the mess that Luca has caused by trying to protect her.
  • When We Were Us💋

    By arudedg
    When We Were Us brings us back to the three besties and the men who’ve captured their hearts. This is Anabel and Luca story tho Anabel’s besties Charlotte and Emily and significant others to make their appearance and play role in this book. The twist/turns and oh my gosh scenarios keep you captivated throughout the book. Phenomenal story! Characters that you can feel in your heart. A storyline that keeps you on the edge of your seat and glued to your kindle! For me it was I love you but hate you deal as the main characters face the harsh reality. Payback is on their side. A must read. Grab your copy today and start reading. Enjoy happy reading 📚 I do suggest to grasp the whole story grab these two great books “The Billionaire’s Fake Fiancée” (Charlotte/Max) and “About Last Night” (Emily/Matteo) "I am volunteering to leave a review for an ARC of this book."