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  • Pseudoscientific garbage

    By Luke Hanessian
    Both of Ms. Brizendine's books about the psychology of men and women are overhyped, sensationalist nonsense that rely on poor sample studies as well as statements that are factually untrue. For example, one of the studies she uses to show that women are naturally better at empathizing and reading people's emotions better are based off of a study that included only women while another study showed both men and women responding with empathy. Another fallacy in her book is the claim that women are better multi-takers because "women's corpora callosa are larger than men's", despite the fact that women's corpora callosa are the same size. Finally, one of the more infamous fallacies in her book is the claim that men are better at math despite the NUMEROUS studies showing that boys and girls are just as good at math as each other as well as studies that show that boys lie about their math skills and say that they do better than girls in spite of the actual test scores which are the same as girls. For anyone who is genuinely interested in the psychology of men and women, stay away from this book. No matter how many copies of her books sell or receive rave reviews from people who don't know squat about neuroscience, Ms. Brizendine's books are pseudoscientific garbage that deserve to be in the same trash bin as books by creationists or climate change deniers.
  • Very Interesting

    By West1210
    This author brings up some amazing theories on why women act the ways they do....and not only how they act but how they interact with the opposite sex. There is an explanation for everything in this book. I highly recommend it! I'm going to get The Male Brain as soon as I finish this one :)